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About Experiential Training Singapore

Building Group Cohesion In The Workplace

At corporate team building workshops, our training professionals help energise your team, integrate and bond them in a short period through various group activities.

Experienced Team Building Trainers

We believe that a customised learning session that specifically addresses your organisation's needs is critical.

This medium allows our trainers better to understand the profiles of the participants and design effective learning experiences through our customised corporate team training program.

Team Building Training Singapore | Experienced Corporate TrainersWe have many team building activities for you to choose from that will ensure a fun and real life experience.

With this framework, the participants learn to engage effectively in our customized training programs that closely relate to their business unit structure.

The participants will also experience an in-depth analysis of Group dynamics.

Understanding Group Dynamics is essential to provide an efficient, pleasant and cohesive working culture.

Therefore, our experienced trainers have encompassed this team building exercise as part of the training programs to enhance their overall learning experiences.

Major Behaviour Characteristics

 For many years, research has shown that there are four major personality styles of an individual Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Team Building Training Singapore | Experienced Corporate TrainersMost of us tend to exhibit different characteristics under different situations, be it at work or home.

With an understanding of their own and other team members' behavior characteristics would allow every individual to better comprehend how best to work together as a team to achieve a common goal and minimize conflicts.


Our Specialties

Our corporate team training activities are enjoyable, unique and tailored to your organisation. 

We offer indoor & themed games, outdoor adventure team building programs, team learning & development workshops in Singapore and overseas corporate retreats.

We have conducted workshops for more than 13,500 clients and have extensive experiences working with global corporations, government statutory boards, local small-medium enterprises ("SMEs) and non-profit organisations. 

Creating Inclusive And Harmonious Workplaces

Team Building Training Singapore | Experienced Corporate TrainersOur team development sessions have advantages for everyone like, planning and execution, teamwork, communication, encouraging and taking care of one another.

The people who are now expected to lead, delegate, motivate and achieve company goals through leading their teams, and recognize that there is a role change, expectations and leadership performance to build a winning team.

They need to learn how to strike an effective balance between personal performance and managing the execution of the team.

We assist new Leaders to learn, acquire and use skills and techniques of leadership.

We develop and cultivate the role of leadership, their functional roles and responsibilities, motivation and morale building tactics, and interpersonal skills.

This program can be tailored to meet your organisation's requirements.

After the session, all participants will be able to – communicate better with each other, get motivated and see the value of team works, handle conflicts and disagreements constructively and effectively, bond and perform as a team and walk the talk of your organizational values.

Our professional team building programs resonate team values, helping you to integrate a humanistic model to bond people, centred on organisational performance.