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Customer Service Sales Training Program

The Value of Customer Service Sales Training

Customer service is the framework of every company’s success regarding delivering their service to the clients. The distribution of these services can be provided in different aspects.

– Internal customer 
– External customer 

Also, customer service is not limited to lower ranking employees but even to the high ranking officials.

It can be a technical support, telemarketers, receptionists, waiters, etc.

But it is vital in telemarketers or sales marketers because they are not only selling the benefits and advantages of your product to the customers but they are giving them the convenience of the service by providing them options.

Most importantly, they are the frontline staff who represent your company and give your customers the image and perception of your business's quality of service.  

Companies should have their unique methodology to achieve their goals.

It is important to integrate these methodologies in training so that employees will learn and identify what should be given importance.

Before you start your training, you need to prepare your methodology. What are the contents of the method in sales training?

(A) Practical Discussions

It is still the foundation of the training to conduct effective discussion sessions which focus on the core concept of customer service. 

Trainees’ participation on how they understand the concept of customer service leadership.

This is also the time to discuss their suggestions and strategies on how to enhance their customer service skills.

(B) Demonstrations and Role-Playing

After reviewing the concept, performing the task and applying these learning from the discussion, will test them how they understand the idea.  

From here, they will find out their strengths, development areas and blind spots.

(C) Computer Based Training and E-Learning

This is another easy but sophisticated way of training the employees.

It is the most common strategy that organisations are using to deliver their programs.

Employees can start their training module anywhere in a convenient setting.

Selling Points and Strategies

1. Invest in Good Relationship: Establish rapport, trust and credibility for the customer to engage in your presentation

2. Be Organized: identify customers’ personalities based on their needs so that you will know how to adjust to the situations and the best way to interact.

3. Find opportunity: create a strategic advantage to find an opportunity to gain customers’ trust.

4. Present with a purpose: This is your opportunity to highlight the features, benefits and advantages. You need to understand the importance of every interest and delivery realistic possible results for their needs.

5. Make Customer as part of the practical results: let the client participate in determining any objections and handle inquiries in a positive result for her to be getting his or her interest and buy-in.

6. Close Result: make an impressive closing which highlights how customers will benefit to the service shortly. This might gain another possible sale and to build a permanent relationship with them as a client.

By the end of the training, employees will be fully equipped with knowledge and skills through role-play scenarios and methodological strategies presented. They will learn to tackle business challenges especially in acquiring sales.

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