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Themed Team Building Activity Program

Are you looking for the successful way to unify corporate goals?

Corporate team building is an activity that is highly encouraged in most companies today.

Many companies have worked with team building company to tailor firm-wide outdoor activities for their team members.

Let's examine why team building activities are essential for your employees.

Help Employee Grow As A Team Player

Corporate team building programs are excellent ways of bonding with team members with one another and improve interpersonal relationship at work.

This program will not only make new corporate acquaintances know their co-workers better but also increase the teamwork qualities.  

Team Building Activities Singapore | Fun Interactive Adventures TogetherIt is not easy for corporate team members to get to know each other and be a part of a successful and well-organized team from the start.

There are setbacks which need to be addressed to eradicate the differences within the group to help build a smarter and highly efficient team.

The weakest member of a team determines the weakness of a team.

In a well-organised team, everyone knows its strengths and weaknesses; then there is no room for failures.

Themed Team Building Activity Program (TAS) for corporations: 

Type 1 – suitable for less than 40 pax

1. Team CSI

Team CSITeam CSI is a proven learning and training experience that allows participants to be part of an active, realistic and interactive “investigation” while playing roles of a law enforcement team.

Investigators give the prosecutors what they require to achieve a conviction through establishing motives and opportunity – teamwork, communication, and collaboration. 

Imbued with indoor and outdoor elements, and complete with suspects, victims, clues and related rigour work of a police investigation.

The crime scene investigation experience allows the “investigators” to experience their roles in an interactive, fun and non-threatening way through relating a different discipline to the real world. At the same time, the participants gain clarity and understanding towards the desired result.

Let us get ready for a brain-cracking experience!


2. The Ipad Race

The Ipad RaceThis is a team competition with a technological edge. Armed with an iPad, each team will be required to complete some tasks as directed by a set of GPS coordinates.

Using state-of-the-art technology, teams will be relying on their iPad to answer quizzes around a pre-arranged location.

With additional challenges that can present themselves as bonus stations, teams will never know what lies ahead of them. Interactivity, spontaneity, and creativity are the critical success factors here! Ready? Get set! Go!


3. The Annapurna Team Ascent 

The Annapurna Team AscentThe Annapurna Team Ascent presents a simulation of real-life economic and political scenarios that make up the competitive ecology of the corporate world.

Participants will need to make split-second decisions while manipulating internal and external elements. This simulator is designed to put everyone in a leadership mentality.

Every player, whether as a Climber or Team Captain, will be making tough decisions that mirror calls made in your organisation – both upwards and downwards.

What’s even more fascinating is that as the activity progresses, each member’s behavioural tendencies begin to show themselves, thus providing a clear look into the habits – both favourable and fixable.

In real life, about 130 climbers have submitted the avalanche-prone Annapurna peak, but 53 have died — making Annapurna’s fatality rate of 41% the highest in the world.  

A situational simulation is put into action, and the objective of the challenge is to survive as a team. Participants will need to salvage and hunt for their survival tools `and make the most out of nothing.

This activity draws out the best of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also looks at the synergy that can be obtained from group collaboration and analysis.

Teams of any type and their leaders will benefit greatly from this simulator as they will develop robust planning skills and better, more efficient communication.


Type 2 – suitable for 40 to 60 pax

1. The Domino Effect

The Domino EffectIn this program, team members are required to build "creative" domino trails.

With the plastic dominoes and its trigger mechanisms, every team must stick to a pre-determined design to create their trail before adding a dash of flair and innovation to spice things up.

A single miscalculation can stop a domino in its tracks. Team precision is the key to success here.

When the individual domino trails are completed, teams would be invited to line them all up for the grand finale.

A show of mutual trust and alignment would be exhibited, as the entire ‘chain of events’ must be seamlessly executed without hiccups.

The smallest contribution would make the biggest difference. Mission is Possible.


2. Raft ‘N' Roll 

Raft ‘N RollFrom learning about effective communication to demonstrating real leadership, this is an activity that challenges the team to meet its objective come hell or high water. 

Split into smaller units; the participants would require strategizing their gameplay to obtain the optimum amount of resources to build a life raft.

After that, the resource gathering phase begins before a titanic race ensues. It’s sink or to swim! 


Type 3 – suitable for more than 60 pax

1. The Running Team

The Running TeamBased on the popular Korean TV series “The Running Man”, this highly energetic team strategy challenge will require teams to complete missions while ‘staying alive’.

Split into smaller units; teams will have to compete against one another as they solve clues, unravel puzzles and overcome challenges in the quickest time possible. With limited ‘life lines’ available in each team, proper and astute strategizing is imperative.

In the end, it is all about how the teams can utilise the given resources and emerge victoriously.

To compete or collaborate? Which yields the best results? You must decide!


2. Rollercoaster Mania! 

Rollercoaster Mania!With limited resources, teams will have to construct a rollercoaster each. All roller coasters will have to be built according to strict specifications and will be approximately 2m x 1m each in size. 

In fact, the completed roller coasters will have to be ‘tested’ at the end.

This interactive and engaging activity requires teamwork, an acceptance of ideas and brainstorming.

As a finale, teams will be surprised with a new objective of combining the roller coasters into a massive one that must pass the final ‘test’.

Although this exercise might sound challenging, teams will soon realise that the seemingly impossible can be done right away, but miracles just take a little longer. realise that the seemingly impossible can be done right away, but miracles just take a little longer.

This activity serves as a symbol for organisational ‘oneness’ and where innovation can lead to team success.


3. Operation Team Build

Operation Team BuildIn this challenge, participants would be split into smaller sub-teams, and each sub-team will be designated to complete a part of a ‘resort villa’ that would measure approximately 2m x 2m x 0.5m.

Although primary resources are given, teams are also required to purchase additional resources with a strict budget.

By following detailed blueprints and instructions, sub-teams must meet their KPIs before coming together to combine their creations into an entire resort villa.

One wrong measurement could result in catastrophe.

Effective communication, time management, and precision are the keys to success here.

In fact, there are more in-activity surprises lurk around every corner.

Primary team roles include:

  • Project Director

    • Task to lead the entire project
    • Manage all resource delegation and Team Directors
    • Main conduit between and among Team Directors
  • Chief Financial Officer

    • Task to manage the given budget
    • Makes all decisions regarding expenditure
  • Team Director

    • Task to delegate roles within the section
    • Tasked to lead a section of team members to accomplish a part of the final product
  • Architect

    • Task to further design a section’s project based on the given blueprint
    • The creative genius of the team
  • Engineer

    • Chief builder of the section’s project
    • The civil engineering genius of the team
  • Marketing Officer

    • Task to pitch and market a section’s project at the end of the activity
    • The sales genius of the team

4. The Team Mural 

The Team MuralHave you seen the Mona Lisa? What if an entire team can be inspired to create an artistic masterpiece that is befitting of their spirit and culture?

In this challenge, everyone will be split into smaller groups. Each group will then be responsible for a particular ‘zone’ of a giant team mural that is pre-designed.

Ultimately, the participants will be required to paint and decorate their 'mural parts' with little knowledge that these segments make up a bigger whole.

Though teams will be given basic materials to complete their tasks, these materials will be distributed unevenly across the groups.

For example, one team may receive all the green paint without the knowledge of other teams. Such a setup encourages teamwork across departments and urges the team to negotiate with each other through open and timely communication.

After that, in the final instance, representatives from each team will step forth and unravel the puzzle by attempting to fit all the segments together for a grand finale.


5. The Amazing Race! 

The Amazing Race!Are you ready to be part of a reality show?

In this "re-enactment" of the popular reality television series "The Amazing Race", teams will be given several tasks to perform in the form of photo quizzes and team challenges.

Teams would be required to navigate within and around the resort and return to the home base by the stated end-time.

So what is the best strategy to score the most points to be declared the winner? Only you know. Your team must decide!

Teams will be given about 1.5 hours to explore the designated areas, segregated into different zones.

The underlying objective here is to put the participants under mild stress levels and enable their natural personality traits to surface as they work in a small team.

a. Photo Hunt Challenge

Teams will be given a set of pictures of the zones. However part of each photo will be covered, and the Teams will have to hunt physically and identify the exact location of the image to find out what is included. Each correct answer will earn the Team points.

b. Road Block Challenge

Along the way, Teams will also be faced with Road Blocks, where they can earn themselves more points. Road Blocks are Challenge Stations where their teamwork and creativity will be put to the test. These Road Blocks can come in the form of a physical challenge or a mental challenge.

c. Location Quiz

During the race, Teams will be given location-based quizzes that if answered correctly, will earn the Team more points.

Increase team performance

Team building is not just an event to exercise and promote unity among team members; it can be used to enhance team dynamics and performance. 

Team building activities, which are directed to the overall improvement of a team’s performance through interaction, communication, interdependence and trust among team members, are part of the daily corporate culture for any company. 

Improving these skills of your employee will boost the overall performance of your team.

It’s learning and fun intertwined

Team Building Activities Singapore | Fun Interactive Adventures TogetherThese team building activities improve the bonding and relationship among your employees, and it has also been proven to be a fun and enjoyable event to promote camaraderie and social wellness of a team.

By picturing a goal in mind and developing an activity in line with it, team building can be used to help employees understand and identify their role to achieve the target.

The employees also become aware of the impact of each team member on this role, usually by sharpening the skills and capabilities directed towards it. 

Team building programs offered are highly effective and interactive ways to develop your teams and to allow members in the team to gain knowledge about team work.

These training programs are geared towards maximizing participant interaction and group learning through experiential learning journey.  

Our corporate team building programs are available in a wide selection of themes from indoor games to outdoor adventures training games.

They are designed using a progressive and highly interactive action learning approach to deliver learning and development.  

Therefore, the experiential learning journey aims to take the participants on a learning journey, building team spirits and awareness as well as building high-performance team practices and behaviours.

Each training session is an opportunity for everyone to learn from everyone else through the sharing of experiences and opinions.

The knowledge and experience which participants will gain from these team building sessions will help team members to grow individually as well as professionally.

This leadership management program is organised and conducted by highly trained professionals with the use of advanced technologies and methods which are not only very practical but also fun and memorable.  

Corporate team building programs take various forms to cater to your specific needs so that the whole experience will become fun-filled and interactive.

To request for a quote or more information, please complete the quotation form and our trainers will contact you shortly.