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Build a Winning Team

Building a winning team rarely happens by accident.

Rather, it depends on the creative mind of the manager or team leader to organise the team members with the recognised talents that can work together in the process of reaching a common goal.

Build a Winning Team | Team Activities Singapore | Team BuildingCreating a team environment can be a challenging process, and it isn't always possible to get a group of people to work as a team.

Participation in team building activities help to build a winning team in the competitive business environment.

Here are four tips that can be used in the process of building a winning team:

1. Select the right people

The first step in building a winning team is to choose the right team members.

A special assignment may depend on assembling the team from a variety of departments with different knowledge.

Also, for the more standard assignment, it may be more practical to choose team members that already know each other to work on a particular project.

It is essential in the process of building a winning team that the specific talents and personalities of the team members can gel and easily work together.

For instance, there are those members of the workforce that are liable to be assigned a project, start working with little guidance and develop a team vision.

Others will need a lot more managing with details carefully spelled-out.

Any team should include a varied range of skill sets to ensure that the project is completed to a high standard.


2. Explain the team's role

An excellent way to get the team members off to an effective start is to clearly illustrate the intended purpose of the project and how it can benefit the department or company as a whole.

Build a Winning Team | Team Activities Singapore | Team BuildingWhen the team members have a better appreciation of what they are working towards, they are likely to be more empowered and motivated to complete the assigned work.

It is essential to assign individual responsibilities and roles in the team.

Also, outlined the timeline and expected short-term goals for reaching each part of the project.

With a project time-frame looming shortly, workers are likely to be more productive, stay on schedule and improve team performance.


3. Create effective team behaviours

The next phase of the project is to maintain an environment and productivity.

This is achieved by putting in place specific ground rules that relate to how the team members operate.

For instance, this can relate to team behaviours like how to handle certain issues like lateness, the process of making decisions, how to deal with conflict, coping with problem-solving and also receiving feedback from their peers.

By combining technical expertise with standard skill sets, you can make the more perceptive team environment and improve interpersonal relationship at work.


4. Build a productive dialogue

Aim to build a workplace that includes two-way interaction and the ability to develop new insights and exchange ideas.

By engaging in regular communication, it is possible to get more feedback about how the project is progressing and gain further ideas from those that are working on the project.

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