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How to improve Group Dynamics in the workplace?

What is Group Dynamics?

How to improve Group Dynamics in the workplace | Working as a TeamGroup dynamics concerns the way team members interact with each other. Robust and healthy dynamics include the ability for the team to work efficiently and communicate with each other.

Additionally, excellent dynamics have the validity to improve on the all-round efficiency of the business and decrease time lost to stress and conflict.

Team building activities are a great way to improve on the dynamics of a group and make it practical for employees to work more productively and together as a unit.

Imagine if you have put together a team of the brightest members of the workforce and asked them to solve a problem.

Because you have the most intelligent people in place, you would hope for the group to come to a decision, but there is certain to be frustration when the team holds back and is unable to come up with a joint decision.

Any group that can display the positive momentum is easy to notice.

The team members rely on each other to make things happen; they work towards a collective decision, and each of the members trusts one another and improve team performance.

Also, recent studies indicate that the team with a positive dynamic is nearly 50% more creative than the more dysfunctional group.

What factors are holding the team back?

One of the common issues relates to the team member that is overly critical of the ideas coming from other team members.

This can be very discouraging, and this fault finding stops others from speaking up.

There are also the colleagues at me rarely contribute and simply agree with what other team members have said.

Additionally, there are those team members that may make the unhelpful or humorous comments that can slow or have an adverse impact on the flow of the discussion.

Any of these situations can be classed as poor group dynamics, which has a negative impact on people's engagement and morale, while also undermining the success of the project.

To build a winning team, management should actively engage employees in meaningful discussion to lower turnover rates, improve productivity and increased rates of innovation.

Team building exercises for group dynamics: 

Let's look at some of the useful tools that can be used to improve group dynamics in the workplace.

1. Games for connecting

A well-planned team building activities can build the more unified and cohesive team.

Games that help colleagues get to know one another are useful for making it easier to connect with each other.

A simple game includes each group member writing an interesting fact about themselves on a piece of paper and placing it in a hat.

Each of the other members then pulls one of the pieces of paper and tries to match the fact to the correct colleague.

2. Work together

How to improve Group Dynamics in the workplace | Working as a TeamSome of the most popular team building exercises to aid group dynamics to relate to those that develop the ability to work in unison, communicate, and gain trust. These exercises also help to energise your employees at work.

A simple game for working together can include giving the team necessary supplies like newspaper and tape and asking them to build a chair or bridge that can hold one of the team members for up to 60 seconds.

Other customised learning activities include those that are designed to build leaders to emphasise the right skills, as well as energising the team to increase energy and enthusiasm.

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