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Christmas Team Building Activities

In some countries, Christmas is a time to spend more time with family and friends.

There is a long vacation in December.

But for other countries, the Yuletide season can be a good time for a corporate or business get-together activity.


And what better way to engage in activities with officemates than to participate in team building.

So, below are some great ideas for Christmas team building activities.

1. Wall-Climbing Challenge

Whether the participants have not yet tried climbing walls, they can still participate in this event as there are safety measures and staffs who assist the members.

The goal is to climb the wall and pick up the Christmas cookies, which are concealed. The more cookies found, the greater chance of winning.

Wall climbing is a modern idea for Christmas team building activities Singapore. Its purpose is to develop self-motivation, self-reliance, self-esteem, and strategic planning.

2. Making & Dressing a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are among the favourite elements of the season, children and adult spend time decorating the tree and piling up gifts on its ground.

As part of your Christmas team building activities, divide your employees into groups.

Each team will be given materials such as scissors, popsicle sticks, glue, cotton balls, string, construction paper, paper clips and pipe cleaners to make and decorate the tree.

The time for this activity is more or less 20 minutes.

Not only is creativity developed with this activity, but also the teamwork as each member is given a particular portion of the activity to maximise time.

3. Preparing the Christmas List

This idea is simple. But it promotes the need for concentration, strategy, and planning.

To play this game, each team shall form a circle. Each member will state his or her full name and the present desired to receive for the holiday.

The person to his right will repeat the name and the present of the first participant and recite his own.

After that, the person to his right will have to repeat the two names and respective presents they wanted to receive.

This will be repeated until everyone has recited their own name and present.

Not all can remember all the complete names and presents of their members that is why this is among the favourite Christmas team building activities.

4. Treasure Hunts for Christmas

One of the most interactive activities to date is the treasure hunting.

And this is especially so if the prizes are also nice such as gift certificates, gadgets, clocks, decors, planners, a bottle of wine or champagne, purse, wallet, totes, sports equipment, etc.

In many corporate set ups, treasure hunting is used to reward employees for their hard work. This can also be integrated into a team building activities.

5. Dine & Wine over Bonfire

If your activities are held outdoors, the best way to end your activities is by holding a buffet dinner or cook-outs complete with bonfire and fireworks.

Before dining, members are given a chance to speak out their minds about the team building activities and what they learn from them.

Holiday season provides ample opportunities to be generous and merry.

And there many reasons for the corporate employees to be the recipient of the company’s generosity.

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