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Developing a Team Vision

Develop a Team Vision | Team Building Techniques & Activities SingaporeDeveloping a team vision is the process of putting together desires, hopes, emotions and beliefs into words that can outline the direction and future of an organisation.

There are plenty of steps involved in bringing a vision to life, and it is essential the leader can provide guidance and nurture the culture of the business.

The leader must clearly communicate the vision using examples, stories and metaphors to help people connect with the vision and fully understand what they are required to do.

Let's look at five points related to developing a team vision through team building activities:


1. Describe the planned future

The team leader and employees need to describe and picture the planned future as descriptively as possible.

A simple technique is to think about where the company should be in five years time and imagine that you are speaking to a journalist about the success that your business and team has achieved.

This makes it possible to talk about the approach used and the obtained results over that time.

It is even possible to speak in a past tense as if the success has already taken place and is happening right now around you.


2. Avoid delegating the vision goal

It is the responsibility of the team leader to fully concentrate on the vision goal, and not to delegate to a committee.

For the senior manager, it should be a full-time job role to provide the right organisation focus and culture to achieve the result.


3. Using a vision statement

Unless you have a very inspired and clear writer on the team, it is not always a good idea to limit the vision statement to words alone.

Visions should relate to pictures, emotions, beliefs and feelings.

Develop a Team Vision | Team Building Techniques & Activities SingaporeIt can be difficult to adequately communicate this type of thinking on paper, especially those statements that are created in a committee environment.

Summaries of the vision ideas can be put to paper and circulated among the team members as a reminder.

But, the energising leader that can passionately communicate the vision statement can significantly help to increase the long-term results.

Any leader needs to have excellent communication and leadership skills.

By using the more comprehensive approach of examples, models, stories and metaphors, it can significantly help to rouse the emotions and make it possible for the team members to see the bigger picture.


4. Create the shared vision

To achieve success as an organisation or team, they should rely on a common vision and not something that is followed by only a handful of employees.

This should be defined in the core parameters of the business and direction that they are looking to follow.

As part of the team building activities, this can include a rough vision of the goals which can be refined by other members by filling in anything that may be missing.


5. Give encouragement to the team

The install is to win emotions, stretch everyone's thinking, and invoke pride about what they are working on.

Aim to change the rules of the game and shake up your particular industry.

The overall objective is to be the best something, the most effective, the strongest or the fastest.

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