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Discover Talents With Team Building Activities

They say that talents and skills when not used will be forgotten, or at least the people who have them will lose the pulse so that when they have to take advantage of those skills, it will take time before the skills produce the best results.

Discover Talents With Team Building Activities | Improve Relationshipsn the corporate or business world, when talents or skills are not used in ways that allow for their improvement or growth, the skills will not produce as expected.

Skills and talents need to be fed. This means they need to be honed on a regular basis so that whatever changes in the industry, the company or business remains to be efficient.

Team building is one of the effective modes to effectuate growth.

If you are in Singapore and feel the need for your company to improve, the following are the some of the common team building activities.

1. Save the Egg

As the name suggests, the game is played with raw eggs.

Teams are given eggs which they have to land safely onto the ground.

To help them do this, they are allowed to create a device to save the egg, which is tied and hurled down from a particular level.

This may be among the common games for team building activities, but it never fails to achieve its purpose: to be creative, resourceful, compassionate, adept at solving problems and build group dynamics.

2. Minefield

Another classic game for team building is the minefield. Spread across the premises are obstacles which must be navigated by each member of the team blindfolded.

But the member in blindfolds will get help from the other members to reach the finishing line.

To make it more challenging for the teams, you can give specific instructions to use only words in guiding the blindfolded members.

The values taught by the minefield are trust and communications to improve team performance at work.

No doubt, this remains to be among the best games for team building in Singapore.

3. Worst Case

There are two reasons why the worst-case scenario is still on top of games for team building.

One, it develops communication skills and enhances interpersonal relationship at work.

Two, it hones analytical skills by solving some problems.

The worst-case scenario is played by fabricating scenes in which the team members have to work hand in hand in solving the problems, which can be being on the plane about to do a crash landing on top of a mountain, being lost in the middle of a sea, or being stranded in a desert.

Then they will be told to prepare a list of 7 or more things that should help them survive.

Each item listed will be evaluated and voted for.

4. Tug-of-War

This kind of game is four-way. You can also make it more multi-directional by tying the ropes in a manner that four or more teams will tug simultaneously.

Four-way tug-of-war teaches strategic planning and execution as the team may have to come up with plans to remain as the only team.

Tug-of-war is still recognised in planning for team building activities because it is efficient and cost-effective.

Today, there are modern additions to a long list of team building games and these classic activities are still effective in achieving goals.