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Team Building Activities To Energise Your Employees at Work

We specialise in designing team building activities for employees with the sole purpose of improving efficiency and productivity of your organisation.

If you are also looking for some great, convivial team building activities for your workplace in Singapore, then we are here to organise it all for you.

Singapore has a lot to offer, and we dig a little deep to find enormous choice for your team bonding activities.

We keep our activities simple so that they become an easy way to help your employees connect to each other.

These exercises help them learn the worth of a team, what it means, and what it takes to work as a team member.

One needs to be an individual and yet be in the team and vice versa!

We devise our team building exercises along this motto.

Singapore Specific Team Building Activities

Singapore is a nation full of colours and positive vibrations.

There is a lot to do here, and because it is so diverse in its traditions and culture, we have a vast variety of team building activities to improve group dynamics in the workplace.

Here are some entertaining and pleasant activities that we recommend to impart those essential skills in your employees:

1. Trust Walk

Singaporeans are known to be the “fastest walkers in the world” with covering 18 metres in 10.55 seconds.

Having a team building activity designed along this track could be fun and motivating for your Singaporean company.

Your employees will not only feel connected to their country but also motivated to work as a team. We prefer planning Trust Walk at any one of the famous parks or beaches in Singapore.

For instance, East Coast Park, West Coast Park, Paris Ris Park, Changi Beach Park, or Granite Island. A member of the team gets blindfolded and has to cross a track that’s loaded with hurdles and obstacles.

The other team member has to guide him verbally throughout the track and help him reach the finishing line safely and win!

Lessons learnt from this task are trust, leadership, responsibility, reliability, and inter-dependability to achieve mutual goals. This greatly enhances interpersonal relationships at work.

2. Cook Healthy

The quality of local food of Singapore has been ranked second by Forbes, the magazine.

This is the main reason for the unmatched level of the health of people here.

We motivate your employees to indulge in a cooking task to learn the art of team bonding.

We arrange competition where employees have to work in a team to make a four course unique and healthy meal.

The one with the least calories and the best taste wins the game.

We aim to help employees learn to think beyond conventions, decision-making art, and working together to build a winning team.

We create the entire setup including a small market where participants can buy their ingredients too.

3. Team Building Activities Assortment

We have a potpourri of numerous other team building activities that you can choose for your employees.

Outdoor team building activities in Singapore are another great option to inculcate qualities required to be a good team member.

A lot depends on the kind of work you deal in, the kind of skills you are wishing to promote, the kind of activities your employees like, availability of your employees, and budget etc.

We will take all these factors into consideration to choose the best possible team building events for your employees.

Please send us a business enquiry for a custom quotation, and we will help you pick the appropriate team building package at an affordable price!

We encourage our clients to keep a follow-up after the team building activities. 

You will have to incorporate a team spirit in your corporate framework to ensure your employees keep working as a team!