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How to Improve Interpersonal Relationship at Work

Interpersonal relationships make it possible to create a strong connection among employees in the same organisation or the same team.

The company workforce must get along to maintain the healthy and positive ambience in the office environment.

It is important for each individual member of staff to be honest with others in an effort to promote the most efficient interpersonal relationship at the workplace.

With many individuals spending on average 7 to 8 hours in the workplace, it is not possible to remain entirely isolated and alone at work.

It is important for the entire workplace to have the ability to discuss and talk about various issues throughout the course of the day.

Work productivity is much more efficient when members work in groups compared to the more individual working environment.

Methods to improve interpersonal relationships at work

Let's look at some of the methods that can be used:

(1) Maintain open communication

Every member of the workforce must have the ability to communicate with one another to maintain the healthy relationship.

(2) Interact with colleagues on a regular basis

Open discussions should be freely available to let individuals express their opinions and views.

The written form of communication is a very effective solution to get a message across in the workplace. Any internal email sent should be self-explanatory.

Make sure to avoid hiding things from colleagues to avoid spoiling your relationship.

(3) Organise regular team meetings

Supervisors and team leaders should organise regular meetings with team members. Try to avoid making the meetings overly formal.

Create the more relaxed atmosphere and let your colleagues bring their coffee mugs.

Plus, they should be able to freely interact with each other throughout the course of the meeting. A morning session is an effective method to break the ice among colleagues and improve on the interpersonal relationships.

(4) Treat all team member equal and avoid favouritism

Avoid favouring any particular employee just because you know them personally or they are a relative.

Favouritism has the potential to spoil a relationship between subordinates and superiors.

(5) Interaction through outdoor activities

Encourage outside activities such as get-togethers, picnics or lunch. Let the workforce invite their families to these informal get-togethers.

This lets the team members get on in a relaxed environment and makes it possible even to interact out of the workplace.

(6) Motivate team members to work as a team

The team leader should motivate individuals to work as part of a team.

By working in a team environment, it is possible for the individual to adjust, feel more comfortable and be a lot friendlier with the other members of the team.

(7) Be flexible and adapt to the surroundings

To fully fit in the workplace environment, it helps for each person to be more compromising and adaptable to everyday needs.

It can be difficult to expect everything to be done just the way you like it.

Any workplace has a wide variety of people with different personalities and characters.

Be sure to avoid getting in fights over minor disagreements.

Try to accept others as they are and not to look on the negative side of things.