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Indoor Team Building Activity Program

Creative team building games are a great way to get involved in group cohesiveness activities with other members.

Indoor Team Building Program Singapore | Fun Engaging Team ActivitiesOur well thought-out and exciting development modules are based on the indoor activities series (IAS).

Many of the past team activities have become quite stale and too familiar to build a friendly and festive competitive vibe.

By enrolling in our activities, you get to give the company’s spirit a boost and engage in events that assess time management skills, leadership, problem-solving, organisation, and communication skills of all members.

Team building is seen by many companies as a worthwhile investment for long-term success.

Most companies rely on a professional tone in the workplace which can limit your ability to connect and express yourself with other members of the team.

The team building games are great at challenging members in a wide range of activities and improve interpersonal relationships in the work environment.

Indoor Team Building Activity Program (IAS) for corporations

Type 1 – suitable for less than 40 pax

1. The Masterpiece

The MasterpieceWhat would you do if there was a saboteur in your office?

Would you simply believe this person exists?

This activity is based on setting up a “masterpiece” that helps to examine our natural instinct to distrust others. What should you do if doubt starts to creep in?

This fun and revealing challenge give the opportunity to learn about trust.


Blindfold Shapes2. Blindfold Shapes

'Planning' and 'strategy' are everyday terms in a business environment.

So, use this activity to plan out and carry out a simulated project that is made more difficult with extreme odds and strict boundaries.


3. Flipped!

Flipped!Does teamwork relate to one person doing more to benefit the entire team?

This activity is based on an age-old concept that aims to define collaboration.

With a small amount of effort, it is possible to achieve big results.

Flipping a mat can be a lot more difficult than it sounds.


Minefield4. Minefield

This is an engagingly raucous and jarring activity that gets team members testing their skill of effective communication.

By creating this chaotic environment, you will get to see whether members still have the ability to pass information smoothly or will this lead to a confusing mess.



Nuclear Waste5. Nuclear Waste

This activity is built on team members using a limited set of resources to achieve a precise goal.

Is it possible for the team to meet its objective, even with limited sources like a real world situation?



Alpha Connect6. Alpha Connect

Are your team members able to display mutual understanding and patience when working on a shared project?

Use this challenge to get members working on racing from A-Z. But, this activity has more than speed as an obstacle.


7. Number Punch

Number PunchThis exercise is inspired by the bestselling book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr Spencer Johnson.

Use this activity to help that those with a natural instinct to resist change.

Better team results are certain to be achieved when able to overcome this mindset.


8. Diamond Vision

Diamond VisionCreating a shared vision is a key responsibility of the employee.

Part 1 of the challenge involves a 3-D structure. Each member of the team contributes to reaching the final goal.

Part 2 relates to the differences in integrity.

It involves the process of passing each team member through a structure, and in the process of reaching the objectives will a team stay honest and uphold integrity or succeed regardless of applied rules. 


9. The Transporter

The TransporterCompetition is a mechanism that can help a company drive for success.

This exercise involves directing a blindfolded member to make certain actions, such as removing negative points from their home base, while at the same time bypassing obstacles to gather positive ones.

Competition is sure to occur with plenty of screams, shouts and chaos along the way.

With a short time-frame to complete and a wish to get revenge, are the team members able to see the bigger picture?


10. Zoom

This activity has each member holding an image which is just one part of the overall picture.

The team must create a flawless sequence of pictures without actually seeing what others are holding in their hands.

It is for the individual team members to communicate clearly to help others visualise the personal pictures without letting others see.

It is critical to get the right information across to a single element missed can impact the entire process.

Use this exercise to help promote mutual trust and open communication.


11. Warp Speed

Constant improvement can be achieved with mindset changes.

Members with an ingrained mindset can negatively impact the team’s ability to succeed.

Use this exercise to open the mind and consistently make the right steps forward.

Could it be that simple to pass a ball?

With the bar raised, can we meet and set a higher goal or will our spirit reverse. 


Type 2 – suitable for 40 to 60 pax

1. Helium HoopHelium Hoop

This activity helps to search for innovation and discover inbred team behaviours that can impact team performance.

Learn the techniques to conquer the deep-rooted mindset to achieve better results through creativity.

The art of controlling a hula hoop isn't quite as straightforward as it may appear.


2. Snap!Snap!

Trust is the epitome of teamwork.

This activity involves real mousetraps that are intended to act as a symbol of member’s fears.

But our fears are mostly figments of our imagination.

Fear is possible to conquer by leveraging other team members for support and encouragement.


Type 3 – suitable for more than 60 pax

1. The Marshmallow ChallengeThe Marshmallow Challenge

You have one metre of sticky tape, twenty spaghetti sticks and one marshmallow, now go and build the tallest tower.

This activity is incredibly fun in a group environment and encourages a team to bond and get creative.

Plenty of surprising lessons is likely to be learnt when each of the towers is compared.


What is the best activity to increase group performance?

Fun and exciting team building games include Diamond Vision, Snap, Alpha Connect, Flipped, Number Punch, Minefield, Nuclear Waste, Blindfold Shapes and Helium Hoop. Each game involves testing the individual's ability to work well in a team environment and ensure they bond as a group to reach a successful path.

1. Mine Field

The Mine Field is useful exercise to improve communication and trust. Simply have pairs or groups that guide one blindfolded person at a time through a “mine field”.

2. Helium Loop

Each team gets to use their innovation to solve a not-so-simple goal in a unique way.

3. Diamond Vision

Use this activity to help strategize in a group environment and aim to improve the ability to solve “misalignments”.

The wide-ranging team building activities are intended to help improve and build team bonding, critical and creative thinking, cooperation, communication skills, and all round team performance.

These games are designed in a way that everyone can benefit with a complete mix of challenges that relies on knowledge and skill.

The games need effective communication to ensure they are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

The strategies, planning and innovation learned in these activities help with future career prospects and team members become more efficient in a group dynamic.

These indoor games are great for innovative improvement, goal setting and planning for anyone likely to be working in a team.


Team Building Activities for everyone

Indoor activities are aimed at every corporate individual.

They are great for their ability to promote a person’s memory and mental agility, as well as problem-solving, negotiation and critical thinking among the individual team members.

There are plenty of creative thinking and leadership activities such as Paper Towers, which is simply the process of building the highest tower using a variety of basic resources.

Use the games to let each team member take on a variety of roles and a helpful solution to promote innovative and creative thinking for those working in design.

Even though many of the team building activities are aimed at the corporate world, they are also useful to help improve a person in plenty of situations in everyday life.

The many different activities are great for several reasons, including the ability to get to know team members better and to build and encourage trust for the more fruitful working relationship.

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