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Innovative Team Problem Solving Activities

Whether you are looking to get team members working more efficiently on day-to-day issues or have a complex project coming up in the future, it is possible for teams to work more productively when able to make decisions and solve problems together in an amicable environment.

By improving on the problem-solving skills of a team, there is a much greater chance of them being able to deal with the difficult situations.

Also, it can help to correctly define the decision-making responsibilities between the team; this means that decisions are made collectively and maturely.

Using innovative and creative exercises can help a team bond, reduce stress and relax.

By encouraging the bonding and interaction process, as well as encouraging play, it is possible to give a significant boost to the morale and increase engagement.

In this article, we will look at several types of team building activities that can assist the decision-making process of both the established and newly organised team.

Problems solving activities

Use the innovative team problem-solving activities to increase creativity in the work environment while also helping to strengthen communication and trust between the front-line employees, middle managers and senior leaders.

1) Assign the role of dissenter

Give one person of the team the role dissenter or devils advocate who has to find a problem or issue with any idea presented by other team members. It is their responsibility to challenge ideas that are presented and say why they are not feasible. This type of discussion should be kept friendly and productive, and not get into a state of arguing.

This type of team building activity should be maintained similar to debate, and therefore the discussion is formal and intellectual and focused on theories or factual events.

Additionally, it can help to persuade the opposing group to look at an issue with an alternative viewpoint.

Try to stop the team building activity turn into an argument which can lead to personal and informal remarks that are rarely related to the factual correctness or resolving the issue at hand.

2) Build on existing work

A similar type of team building exercise can include commenting on another person's work while at the same time adding a positive statement – which is their view on how to improve on the existing work.

This style of group activity focuses on a foundation of criticism, but with the primary focus on building upon something that is already in existence, and not merely to dismiss it as a whole.

While involved in this type of activity it is important to try and keep things positive and friendly.

3) Get involved in role-storming

Role-storming is a great activity to encourage team members to be more interactive and to lose their inhibitions.

By creating another character to play it is possible to be more open to other viewpoints, while also being more willing to explore different opinions and perspectives.

Each of the various team members is asked to look at a particular issue or problem from another person's perspective – this can be another member of the team or even a celebrity, a hero, or a world leader.

This type of activity is perfect for helping the cross-functional teams better understand each other's role.

Plus other uses include the ability to improve on company procedures, such as making team hand-overs more efficient.