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Leadership Team Building Activities in Singapore

The qualities of a leader make it possible for the business to fulfil its needs and the needs of the people working for it.

Leadership qualities play a deciding factor in your business revenues.

Therefore it is important to ensure that your leaders have the following core leadership qualities before you give them the position to lead several others:

  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Discrimination
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Commitment
  • Action Oriented
  • Creativity
  • Team Building

The above-mentioned skills can be honed with the right attitude and activities.

We are here to help you plan team building activities designed primarily for current and future leaders in your organisation.

Leadership Team Building Activities

Being in Singapore, we have scope for a variety of things, places, and activities that can be used to impart team building skills.

A good way to begin is to ask your leaders to do the planning and organising so that they feel a sense of responsibility. Make them accountable for organising an event for their teams to learn some useful skills.

Once they get down making arrangements for the entire event themselves, they will learn certain basic skills of a leader; vision, communication, discrimination, strategic thinking, commitment, creativity, and team development.

They will have to visualise what kinds of activities will the employees of the organisation love to indulge in.

They will need to communicate the same to everyone and convince them to be a part of the event enthusiastically.

Strategic thinking will be required to organise the whole thing, and thus your leaders will learn these skills while doing the planning.

Types of Leadership Team Building Activities

We love Singapore, and when we are asked to arrange team building activities, we ensure to make use of its every flavour and taste.

We have a vast experience organising team building activities at the corporate level in Singapore, and our dedicated team is always ready to come up with innovative and fun-filled ideas to spark up the event for our clients.

Some of our popular leadership team building activities are:

1. Trust Walk 

We arrange Trust Walk in any of the famous parks of Singapore or your office premises, if available. One person gets blindfolded, and the partner has to guide him towards the finishing line.

It is a trust building activity and teaches leaders how to guide. There are several venue options for this exercise such as Singapore Flyer, Marina Barrage, Best World @ Tai Seng, NACLI, and Sentosa, etc.

2. Food

Singaporeans adore food! So do your employees. We make them indulge in some food activities where they get to cook, eat and enjoy new dishes.

Marina Barrage is a good venue where your employees can enjoy a lavish feast.

3. Camps

Team building camps are another of our camps – specialities. Being local, we know when and where to camp. Parks or beaches, we have seen it all.

Through team building camps, people get more time to stay together, play together, win together, decide together and learn together. For camps, our favourite locations are East Coast and West Coast Parks, Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach Park, and etc.

We have an endless list of many other leadership team bonding activities for corporate level. 

Send us a business enquiry, and we will explain you through our team building packages

We make certain that your people have the best of time with our leadership team building activities!