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Outdoor Team Building Activities For Employees

Unique & multi-sensory experiences activities to achieve team goals

There are games for team building that target specific areas such as strengthening relationships, honing skills, and discovering new talents.

In Asia Pacific, Singapore remains to be a popular hub for hunting employment and doing business.

One way of retaining Singapore’s status is to keep its competitiveness a constant attribute.

The following are some of the best Outdoor Team Building Activities.

1. Hair-Raising Race

The hair-raising race is a mini version of the famous Amazing Race.

Teams are required to navigate roadblocks and detours to complete a circuit, which involves collecting items, solving mysteries, and completing hilarious tasks.

Hair-raising race teaches the values of teamwork, sense of responsibility and improve team performance, which should be a reason to include this as among your outdoor activities.

2. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Not only does this game promote responsiveness and strategic planning, but it also promotes good navigational skills and communications.

The instructions are simple: capture photos that best describe the phrases on a list given to each team.

The one that has more captures of photos closest to what are asked wins.

3. Designing Dunes & Building Castles

Two of interactive Outdoor Team Building Activities are designing dunes and building castles.

The teams are given respective designs or concepts on what to build or design and tools for such activity.

Not only does it hone creativity, but it also teaches collaboration and work as a team.

4. Going Green Race

One valuable lesson that can be learned from this activity is to think outside the box.

Teams are given do-it-yourself kits to build solar cars for example or to assemble a car from junk materials.

Going green supports the campaign towards saving the environment, and for such, it is worthy being part of your activities.

5. Building Bridge from a Scratch

Perhaps, one of the most challenging but worthy of everyone’s time and efforts is to construct something from anything seen in the surroundings.

This is the idea of building a bridge. The teams are given an hour or two to construct a bridge out of whatever they can scavenge in the premises (pre-filled).

What makes this as among the best outdoor games is the fact that it instils resource management, creativity, communication, resourcefulness, and collaboration to build a winning team.

The final measure in determining who the winner is is to test its durability—by having something (wheeled cart used in grocery stores for example) pass (or run) over it.

6. Building a Pyramid

Unlike constructing a bridge, building a pyramid begins with an individual (team member) task—to build his pyramid. 

After each member has done his part, his pyramid shall be constructed on top of another or to combine it all into one.

This activity should be included among your Outdoor Team Building Activities as it puts to test the team’s skills in communications including cross-functional, leadership, construction, creativity, and other strengths.

Team building is not just about learning.

It must also be about fun. Similarly, in business or at work, success is not just about all work. It should also blend fun.

For more information on team building activities, do send an enquiry and our trainers will assist you.