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Pulau Ubin Team Building Activities

Pulau Ubin offers the perfect place for any adventure.

You can take a much-deserved break from daily routines and de-stress with interactive activities.

If you have the charge of deciding outdoor team building activities in Singapore, then, Pulau Ubin should be your choice.


We did a research about what the island is equipped with, and prepare a list of experiential activities in Pulau Ubin.

1. Paddling through Mangroves

For a team building activity, there can be a competition in kayaking in a pair.

Wade through the mangroves and appreciate nature’s marvels which also include birds such as egrets, herons, and hornbills soaring high and low.

If you get lucky, you may also chance upon pink river dolphins or otters.

2. Dragon-boating

If you have only seen dragon boating during festivals, then, this is your chance to be part of it as you may include this activity in your Pulau Ubin team building.

More dynamic than kayaking, dragon boating also makes a friendly competition as it involves several participants.

On this activity, everyone learns the value of teamwork, communication, and corroboration.

Make it more exciting by having someone to motivate, cheer on, and lead the team.

3. Cycling

Pulau Ubin is not all about waters.

For cycling enthusiasts, the island has a variety of routes for different preferences such as off-road and tarmac or metalled roads. You can specify the kinds of bicycles to use.

The choices include tandem bikes, mountain bikes, and bicycles attached to carts.

Bikes with side-carts make a fun competition especially if the aim is to transport someone or something to a particular destination.

4. Foot Orienteering

Pulau Ubin hosts the foot orienteering challenge for many years, and you do not have to join the competition to appreciate its benefits.

Foot orienteering banks much on your mental abilities as you rely on maps and compass to reach your destination. Besides being active mentally, foot orienteering also promotes collaboration and focus.

It may be new, but there is no reason why it should not be added to your Pulau Ubin team building set of activities.

5. Camping Activities

Camp Resilience has several facilities perfect for different team building activities other than getting wet on rivers.

For example, there can be an activity about camp familiarisation, pioneering, low ropes challenge, adventure fortress, tunnelling, the leap of honour, and dangle duo.

All of these can be worthy of being included as one of the team building activities.

6. Cookouts

To culminate your activities, your group can organise a cookout where everyone may share the values appreciated, and the lessons learned, both of which can be helpful as you go back and continue with your work.

Team building is recognised as an efficient mode of corporate or business growth, which also implies self-growth among individuals.

To make growth constant, team building is recognised as a dynamic way.

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