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Sales Team Building Activities

Diversity is the main lure of Singapore. When somebody utters “Singapore” an image of a giant shopping hub and fashion fiesta comes into the mind.

Singapore has a sundry touch as people, religions, cultures, traditions, and languages from all around the world amalgamate here.

It is this hybridization that has contributed in the opening of a big corporate world in Singapore.

Today, business owners are making huge profits doing their business here.

To survive in today’s corporate world, it is vital to keep sharpening one’s skills.

Corporate events, where team building activities are organised to motivate and educate one’s employees, are one of the ways how business owners help employees do so.

If you are looking to improve sales skills in your organisation, then we can plan a variety of exciting and result-oriented sales team building activities for your Singapore office.

Core Sales Skills

A lot of business depends on the sales team of your organisation.

A good salesperson must hone the following sales skills:

(a) Self-Confidence – It is the foremost quality of a salesperson. It leads to persistence and an assertive approach towards work.

(b) Good Listening – This is an absolutely critical skill for any individual wishing to succeed in the sales department.

Though salespersons are expected to be good talkers, being a good listener brings the ball in their court.

(c) Persuasiveness As a salesperson, one has to know the facts of the product/service and use their persuasiveness to highlights of using that product/service.

(d) Self-Motivating – A constant desire to keep improving helps any individual succeed.

(e) Making Strong Relations – This is another must-have skill for a salesperson. Developing and maintaining strong relations with clients leads to a strong network of contacts.

Singapore Specific Sales Team Building Activities

We are a local company of Singapore and know the country by heart.

Our experienced staff is at your beck and call to arrange sales team bonding activities in Singapore.

Some of our recommended activities are:

(a) Trust Walk – One partner gets blindfolded and the other has to guide him through the finishing line. It builds trust and creates relations.

As Singaporeans are known to be the fastest walkers, what better way to impart some sales skills than a Trust Walk!

(b) Quiz – Singapore has a rich history and geography as well. This team bonding activity motivates people to work hard to shine brightly. They get self-motivated and build a winning team.

This is not all! We deal with many other team building activities.

You can give us a call and chat with our executives to create-your-own customised package for your needs.

For better results, you can even have a conversation with your employees to know their area of interests.

We will plan your activities by their interests to make it more electrifying and exhilarating.

We are locals, experienced, and affordable! Talk to you soon.