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Does Team Building Actually Work?

Whether the organisation is large or small, there are plenty of reasons to get involved in team building activities to strengthen your team, improve cohesion between workers, and overall perform more effective as a collective unit.

Getting a boost in a well-organized team building event can be a very worthwhile investment for the employer.

Yes, in certain situations team building can get a bad reputation, but that is usually down to those involved not having a clear idea of what they want to achieve or not using the correct methods.

Team building should involve a very considered approach and clearly state the objectives that you wish to meet.

The type of team building activity or exercise should be targeted towards the particular personalities of the team members, as well as to solve particular issues or conflicts.

Even though it can be fun to get free time out of the office, you can't always expect activities such as paintball to be the most effective at a solving all types of conflict issues, including those related to communication or trust.

For these types of issues, it may be more practical to look at something a little less physical and more practical, and gives time for the members to get involved in the discussion.

Here are five reasons why team building may help to boost productivity in the workplace environment

(1) Helps to improve communication 

Any team building activity that promotes open communication among the management and employees is certain to help increase the quality of work, and also the working relationships in the office.

(2) Great motivation boost

Team building and leadership are more effective when able to work closely together and boost group dynamics.

If the employees are comfortable and able to openly express their opinions and ideas, they will be more confident and productive in their work.

Additionally, by increasing their motivation, they will be more willing to take on new tasks and challenges.

(3) Encourages creativity

Any team building activity that is based on the office will expose the workforce to a wide range of new experiences which can help to encourage them to be more creative and think outside their normal day-to-day routine.

By working with other team members in an organisation, it is possible to boost creativity and think up new ideas, which can be used once back in the office.

(4) Learn problem-solving skills

The right type of team building activity can encourage colleagues to work together in the process of solving problems to help increase the ability to think strategically and rationally.

The team that can easily notice a problem as soon as it arises will be that much more effective at taking the right course of action to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

(5) Increase the trust factor

In many of the large organisations, there is a large gap between the employees and leadership.

But with the right team building activity, it is easier for the leadership and team members to work in a more open environment which can help to increase the connection between the two parties and also boost employee morale.