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Team Building vs Team Development

If the company’s budget is tight, it may not be the right time to organise the annual team building event, but there is the alternative of looking to invest time in team development.

Let's look at an overview of team building vs. team development.


1. Team building

The term "team building" has seen a significant increase in use in recent years.

More and more companies start to appreciate the happier workforce is able to perform their duties more effectively, compared to those that are often in conflicts or experiencing difficulties.

A typical manager's request is to put in place an event or activity that can help to bring the employees together and improve their all-round ability to work together and communication skills.

There are plenty of team building activities that can be effective such as visiting an outdoor retreat, completing a ropes course, or a similar adventure event.

These types of activities are appreciated for their ability to create the real world behavioural interaction because of the high metaphoric content included.

The team bonding sessions needn't always be outdoor activities; there are plenty of role-playing type activities that can help the team members become more effective as a collective unit.

Team building is an excellent way to get away from the day-to-day office life and creates the more relaxed and social environment that can increase the ability for co-workers to become friends.

But, the chosen activity or event may not provide the desired positive results.

It is important to carefully consider the team building pastime to ensure that the effects can live beyond the short-term.

2. Team development

Team development, on the other hand, can be said to be distinctly different.

Team development is a type of strategy used in the process of improving the effectiveness of the existing team members, while also investing time in enhancing the effectiveness of the social interaction in the workplace.

This process is ongoing and helps to slowly improve the working relationships in the team or office environment.

The development team starts with selecting the new employees and providing the type of training that includes performance expectations and knowledge.

Team and individual awareness training are useful to let the employee better understand the relationship in the workplace, how to diagnose interpersonal problems and how to communicate most effectively.

The employees that receive positive performance appraisals are much more effective at seeing growth in their career. By putting in place organisational performance, it is possible to achieve shared success.

This type of working environment is appreciated for its ability to provide the hard and strong work culture that significantly increases the will to succeed.

Overall, giving the team proper guidance throughout the entire process is certain to help make things run smoothly, and if the management can focus on individual strengths and create the more enjoyable journey, even the most cynical employee will be willing to start contributing.

By pulling the team members together, the clear view and shared goals are that much more reachable.

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