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Team Work is the Power of Play

Teamwork combined with the power of play can significantly boost innovation and productivity.

Being successful at work isn't simply related to the amount of time spent working on a project; it depends on the overall quality of the work.

Additionally, the ability to work to a high standard is directly related to your well-being.

Investing time and effort to refresh yourself through play is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your work life.

If you're experiencing difficulties at work, you may want to take a short pause and relax to take the mind of the problems.

Taking the time to play not only helps to relax the body, but is also great for the engaging the creative part of the brain that is silenced in times of stress, so this stops you being creative with ideas and thoughts.

Even after a short period away from working on the project, you completely free up the mind to come up with unique and creative solutions.

Team works are the power of play highlights

  • Makes it possible to see problems in an entirely different way
  • Helps to refresh the body and mind
  • Encourages more productive teamwork
  • Makes it possible to stay functional even during periods of high stress
  • Prevents issues with burnout and increases all-round energy
  • Helps to trigger innovation and creativity

1. Get involved

The most successful teaching methods to learn new skills or improve existing skills is through action, and taking an active role in what you hope to learn.

Inactive learning is when you are simply sitting and listening to a teacher.

This significantly reduces the natural ability to retain the information heard.

But for the workers that take a more active approach to learning (a training game, a simulation, or work experience), the ability to attain information shoots up significantly.

Even a small increase in retention can make a significant difference in the capacity to be productive in the workplace.

By encouraging the team to learn through play, it is highly likely that future business success will see major growth.

2. Self-awareness

The power of play gives a perfect opportunity to see how other team members interact out of the normal workday environment through indoor team building games.

This is an excellent way to promote self-awareness and discover things that you may not already realise about your teammates.

Many teammates can stand out with bright or creative thinking in times of play.

Once the team starts to be more aware of those around them, it is possible to see a dramatic improvement in the all-round effectiveness of the team.

3. Build Trust

Working in a group dynamic is much more familiar and comfortable when able to increase trust and understanding between the team members.

Play helps to increase understanding drastically and sharpen awareness of how the team members interact with one another.

4. Pleasure

Past studies have shown a direct connection between productivity and pleasure. The more enjoyable and engaging experience means the team members can increase the ability to learn and also retain the knowledge for longer.

This means that the power of play can be a very effective and useful motivator for the entire team to help build team morale.

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