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SkillsFuture Approved – Double Your Sales

The Sales Training Programme That Improves Sales Conversions

Are you in sales and expected to achieve what seems like an impossible sales target?

Are you left with undue challenges and frustrated with your ability to reach closing rates?

SkillsFuture Approved Training - Double Your Sales With Brain Science A 1-day (9:00 am to 5:30 pm) unique sales training workshop based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emergenetics helps to draw influence from top scientific frameworks and potentially can double your sales.

The workshop is a combination of NLP, a look at the structure of human behaviours and a common feature in sports. Emergenetics is an instrument of modern psychometric profiling to unlock an individual’s behavioural and thinking preferences.

This creates a training module that is entirely different from any other.

Would you like to be in a position of never being fearful or nervous about the thought of making a cold call?

Would you like an insight into your prospects sub-conscious buying decisions and inner motivations simply by asking a few pertinent questions?

Would you like to delve into the thoughts of your prospects and learn what they really need to put you in the best position to satisfy those needs?

This unique training programme is built to give an all-round approach to training with hands-on application and ample content sharing.

A major starting point concerns the ability to acquire selling confidence using a variety of methods that make it possible to excel in each area of the process.

SkillsFuture Approved Training - Double Your Sales With Brain ScienceThis intensive programme is set up to overcome issues rated too low self-belief in your ability to reach the required sales targets. It helps to turn you into a top salesperson that can get repeat sales from clients time after time. 

The course is packaged with a free Emergenetics profile and narrative report (with value worth SGD100) to have you better appreciated yourself as a customer before you are in a position to apply the methods to your prospects.

The ability to build productive and lucrative relationships with long-term clients is now very feasible.

Additionally, there is the option to attend this workshop entirely free with the chance of reclaiming your course fees via your SkillsFuture Credit.

Once the training is complete, you will:

  • Have a real appreciation of the basics of NLP and Emergenetics and understand how they influence and impact your sales
  • Learn the techniques that give calmness, composure and confidence whenever it comes to making a cold call
  • Discover the simple, yet highly effective ROA™ method that puts you in the right place of mind before attempting to make the next sale
  • Realise the natural behavioural and thinking preferences of your future customers to put you in the right position to tailor any sales technique to match each one
  • Get to apply potent non-verbal and verbal techniques that influence your customer without them being aware of this positive guidance
  • And much more.

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