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SkillsFuture Approved – Effective Presentations With NLP

The Public Speaking Programme That Transforms You Into An Effective Presenter

SkillsFuture Approved Training - Effective Presentations With NLPAre you in a position of feeling uncontrollable nervousness when called on to make a presentation or speech to an audience?

Do you believe your reluctance to give a speech is holding back your career and you are not in a position to fully show your boss your desires and ambitions?

Have you received less than complimentary feedback from past presentations and wished you could perform better?

The inability to speak in front of a large audience is often seen as a major phobia, but most fears that relate to this experience are irrational.

Many of these fears are easily eliminated with the right discipline and know-how.

A 1-day Effective Presentation with NLP programme (runs 9:00 am to 5:30 pm) is based on techniques sourced from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This course is designed to promote confidence in public speaking through methods like anchoring, visualisation and reframing.

Other techniques learnt includes Small Group Presenting Tips, The Three ‘V’s, proper Speech Structure, and also making a presentation without relying on computer assistance.

This intensive workshop takes an all-inclusive approach to overcome the difficulties of making a speech in public and turns you into the type of person able to freely communicate in a public setting.

This improves the ability to impress clients and increases the possibility of getting promoted in the future.

This workshop is taught by the knowledgeable trainer with multiple years experience on the corporate training circuit and shares their personal know-how and strategies to become the confident person whenever on the stage. 

Use this training to speak in front of the small to large audiences.

SkillsFuture Approved Training - Effective Presentations With NLPA useful feature of the training is a free copy of the published book: Unleash The Public Speaker In You!

This book normally retails for SGD 20 and gives further advice and guidance to take once the workshop is completed.

Additionally, the Effective Presentations programme can be entirely free just by claiming the entire costs using your SkillsFuture Credit.

Once this programme has been completed, you will:

  • Fully understand and appreciate the true purpose of public speaking 
  • Learn the techniques to boost your confidence and composure whenever you are asked to make a public speech or presentation
  • Use the effective speech structure taught in the programme in any speech to virtually remove any worry related to future presentations
  • Get an insight into how great speakers like Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins captivated their audiences and improved your skill set to speak like them
  • Learn about the ins and outs of human communication to put yourself in a great position to instantly connect with your audience
  • Discover how an introvert transferred themselves into a seasoned public speaking and one of Asia’s top corporate trainers
  • And much more.

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