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Group Activities that Enhance Team Spirit and Cohesiveness

Team building activities are necessary not only in giving the people's morale a much-needed boost.

These activities are also designed to help break the ice among those who still have a sense of uneasiness within the corporate arena.

These kinds of events serve as an instrument for employees to get a good grasp not only of their own strengths and weaknesses, but of those people they work with, as well.

So whether your business is a thriving small and medium enterprise or one that already has over a hundred employees, it is hard not to acknowledge the importance of having talented, reliable and highly productive workforce aided by a profound training solution aimed at developing empowerment and unity in the organisation.


Different activities have corresponding benefits to the relationship-building process among employees. Some events like icebreakers and energizers seek to improve interactions among employees easier and smoother.

One example is the game called "Pat on the Back" where members are asked to get a sheet of paper and draw the shape of their hand on it. 

They will then have to fasten it onto their back and as all the participants go around, they will have to write on their colleagues back all the admirable traits they could think of.

Critical Thinking Skills

A team bonding program should also foster creativity and problem-solving skills. One game that can be employed is called Leaning Tower of

Feetza. In this game, groups will have to come up with the tallest structure they can build. This will only allow the members of the competing groups to use no materials other than their shoes, hence the term Feetza.

This team building game may seem simple but sparks creativity and cooperation among the participants, and not to mention the fun in forming interesting shapes using the one of the most trivial materials.

Learning to Trust

One idea that fosters trust among the members of your company is the game called human spring. In this competition, participants have to group themselves by pairs. Each group will then have to stand facing their partner as their open palms touch to prevent each other from falling. The group is then asked to move their feet furthermore to the back so that they're leaning towards their partner, and the only thing that supports their stance is their palms touching in the middle.

The aforementioned ideas above are only few among the many other activities out there that companies can utilize to strengthen the bond within their organization.

People who are enthusiastic and efficient are keys to a company's productivity. It is imperative that employees work harmoniously and share the same goals as that of the enterprise they're working with.

We believe that employees who spend time and get to know their co-workers on a deeper level tend to be more efficient in getting tasks done. This process builds trust and friendships in their relationship with the other staff members.

They know that there are objectives and goals to be met and being at ease with everyone in the team is truly a critical aspect that business owners always need to bear in mind.