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Moulding Your "We" Not "I" Team

Team building ideas have evolved throughout the years as more and more companies have incorporated bonding events as a staple in their roster of activities.

Team building, as the name suggests, is a bonding exercise that helps hone a group of people to develop the mindset and skills that will enable them to improve cohesiveness and thus, overall company performance.

Although commonly executed with enterprises that have relatively new members that are unfamiliar with each other, it can also be performed with established teams as it can enhance and renew other group dynamics aside from group relationships such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, and leadership.

Team building can also be used to introduce or reinstall the social and ethical responsibility of the organisation to its members, usually by incorporating activities that are thematic to its values.

To Improve Your Company's Overall Performance

To be able to create a productive session, one must consider the organisation structure of those attending the corporate bonding workshop.

For an instance, team activities in a project-based group where members are constantly changing will be focused on developing the members’ capability to function within the group while teams with more senior members should concentrate on the relationship among your members (collaboration, communication).

The activities, goal and dynamics to be improved will also change when developing members operating within a larger scale on the organization such as inter-department group cohesive or organizational team building.

This is not to say, however, that the other dynamics should be ignored: although teams from different divisions can have almost the same purpose and goals, having different members and working environment will still make it possible to have a set of different dynamics that needs to be improved.

Thus, it is still best to sit down and identify these dynamics to make them the core of your learning points. You can consult our corporate building trainers to ensure the best results for your program.

To Have A Fun Organizational And Team Building Experience

Team bonding workshops although not as laid-back as group recreation activities, can be as fun and enjoyable given that the appropriate interactive program that is fit for the development of your members.

Aside from considering the organisational structure of those attending the cohesive company event, this includes bearing in mind the demography of the members, their strengths and weaknesses, and their preferences.

Can your employees carry out strenuous physical activities or mind exercises will be better?

Do your employees prefer indoor games or outdoor activities?

Companies with younger employees often prefer overseas events but it can be a different matter entirely mostly consisting of members already raising a family.

It is important, however, to balance the fun and enjoyment vis-à-vis the overall goal that your organisation want to achieve by the end of the teamwork activity.

To achieve maximum benefits, share with your objectives and goals and our trainers will identify core dynamics fit for your participants and facilitate the programs. 

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