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Improve Team Performance With Indoor Team Building Games

Improve Team Performance With Indoor Team Building GamesThe primary purpose of any team building activity is to improve the performance of a team and as a team.

The efficiency of a team is determined by the efficiency of its members.

In effect, the improved performance of the team may also improve the individual performance of its members.

For this purpose, below are team building games for employees.

1. Laser Tag

The laser tag game can be played indoors.

All you need is a large space, some accessories which serve as barricades, obstacles or cover for the members, and equipment.

The equipment for laser tag is safe as it emits infrared light.

The laser tag game does not require running.

Instead, it involves hiding from the enemies, and to score, the team shoots against the enemy.

If one member is shot, such member is eliminated from the game. The team that has the most number of members wins.

Laser tag promotes values like communication, leadership, responsiveness, preparedness, motivation, and adaptability to changes. This helps to energise employees at work.

No doubt, it has become among the popular indoor team building games.

2. Brains, Brawns & Bucks

The purpose of this game is to exhibit intelligence and recognise their variety.

To play brains, brawns & bucks, the participants are divided into teams and answer quizzes against the others.

The subjects of the quiz are logic, math, arts, language, and kinaesthetic.

Achieving the highest score is its ultimate goal, and which team gets the highest score wins.

Like some of the team building games, brains, brawns & bucks has more than one segment: sets of questions, compulsory questions and all play.

In compulsory questions, team members can choose the category where they are good.

In all play, all teams complete the questions that will test their sense of smell, hearing, & taste and memory.

Brains, brawns & bucks promotes recognition and appreciation of different bits of intelligence in various areas, aside from the IQ, and also enhance interpersonal relationships at work.

It helps individuals spot weaknesses which can be turned into strengths through constant practice.

This game, like most of the indoor team building games, develops team work, which can produce the optimal results.

3. Newspaper Bridges

Also included as among the efficient indoor team building games for employees is the construction of bridges using newspapers.

The materials needed to play this game are newspapers, water jug, and tear tape.

To sort out the team members, the sounds of animals may be used.

For example, on a piece of paper, one animal is written such as cat, dog, cow, and duck. Distribute one paper to each member.

And to know who their members are, they have to produce the sound based on the animal written on the paper they got.

To play the game, the team shall construct a bridge using newspaper. There will only be two pillars to support the bridge.

The bridge that is the strongest to withstand a water jug wins. This game helps instil among the members the value of strategic planning and management and being resourceful.

To win, brainstorming may be conducted.

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