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Management Team Building Activities

The management team of any organisation is one of the core groups.

It needs to be kept in check to make sure other teams, under your qualified managers, stay working efficiently and productively.

Planning some management team building activities is an excellent way to impart core management skills in your employees.

Let us do it for you. We are professionals in organising team building activities in Singapore for any particular skills.

What are Core Management Skills

Apart from basic leadership skills, there are various management skills that need to be inculcated to become a proficient manager.

These are:

(a) People Management – Motivating and guiding the team towards better performance.

(b) Communication – Clear, precise, and being assertive.

(c) Business Management – Understanding workflow, business functions and company strategies.

(d) Project Management – Managing current projects and pitching more projects for the organisation.

(e) Planning – Calculating resources, money, task and time involved in a project.

(f) Finance – Handling company finances with care.

(g) Teamwork – A manager has to build relationships, manage conflicts, and influence your team members.

Singapore is recognised for its endless outdoor activities, and we use the same for organising management team building activities.

Listed below are some outdoor activities that we use to inculcate management skills in your employees:

(a) Stand-Up Paddle Boards – Unlike a traditional paddleboard, this one is much harder to use. We recommend Siloso beach. One has to manage a team of paddling boards; it is surely going to teach some management skills.

(b) Wake Boarding and Surfing – Wakeboarding is another outdoor activities that requires proper skills and training. One needs to have full control over one’s actions to do it well.

(c) Kayaking – It is one of those team building activities where managers get to gel with their team and thus improve productivity.

The hidden lessons are numerous. One has to be a good listener so that they listen to the instructions of the instructor properly.

This skill is required for any manager as well.

Secondly, one has to keep in mind important points. Same is the case with working with a team.

The managers learn the art of handling a team, build team dynamics and making it work together to achieve the set target with these outdoor activities.  

We also specialise in organising other team bonding exercises for your management team. For instance:

(a) High elements Bonding – Bedok Reservoir and Sentosa are two places where we love to have this activity. Besides physical strength, players need to use their mind and give tips to each other for victory. Mutual encouragement is the key element of this event.

(b) Heritage Race – We use the famous heritage sites of Singapore for this activity where your employees will love hunting around these locations. Culture plays the central role here.

A manager is not just responsible for his individual performance but the performance of the entire team.

The decisions and solutions offered by a manager affect the revenues of a company.

We help you improve their skills by organising all/any of the above-mentioned management team bonding exercises!

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