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Outdoor Team Building Games For Employees

A Fun Way To Create Teamwork and Cohesiveness

Outdoor team building games, adventures, and themed activities like Team CSI, Team CSR Project, iPad / iPhone Race are fun ways of developing a good camaraderie within team members.

These activities are interactive games for corporate members to know each other and to enjoy each and everyone in the firm.

These outdoor activities are also commonly known as team bonding challenges that focus more on planning, problem-solving and creative thinking than on physical ability.

These interactive and fun games are designed to stir the critical thinking ability of each member.

For an outdoor team cohesion game, the team is usually be divided into smaller groups.

It will start with a cheer for each group proving that their fiery passion for excellence is burning.

The group will select their leader and coordinate with him or her to have an exemplary performance.

The team will then compete with other groups to complete a certain task. This is just an insight of what the interactive games will be.

These activities are an excellent way to challenge groups, enhance the team building process, let the team have a fulfilling experience and build a winning team!

Experiential Moments For You and your Teams

We offer a wide selection of outdoor team building games that will test the skills and talents of the team.

We have a pool of experienced facilitators to ensure a proper flow of these activities.

Other outdoor games include:

1. Spider’s web

Exercise professionalism with this challenging event. This game tests whether a simple act of passing through a spider’s web can bring out the team’s professionalism.

2. Pipeline / Gutterball

Challenge the members’ teamwork and responsiveness in this fast-paced activity. See how members move a marble (or assorted-sized balls) from one point to another with each member having different lengths of pipe tubing.

3. Survival scenarios

Test the teams’ strategic thinking as they think of the best way to survive a particular situation and defend their strategy.

4. Create a customised team bonding activity

See how teams push their creativity as they discover for themselves the key competencies they need to focus on and which business will best bring out these skills. These activities help to improve team performance in the company.

There are so much more in store for you and team building activities are a fun experience for your team.

Employees Enjoying Their Leisure Time

These interactive activities and outdoor adventures are widely used by enterprises to create an enjoyable atmosphere for their employees. 

They also need time to stay away from the stress at work. These innovative games are intended to foster better relationships within the team without sacrificing the essence of competition for excellence. 

The team building workshop is helpful for your team to grow. You can put trust in our team of dedicated and experienced facilitators. 

You can find various programs and themed activities for your team, and this will surely help in increasing the efficiency and effective of your team. 

Their experiences are worth investing in them.

Outdoor team building activities are the gateway to a smiling face of your employees. 

For more information, simply send us your enquiry and the trainers will contact you to discuss your training needs.